TURBOTIM, have fully equipped state of the art fabrication facility, (CNC bending machine, CNC cutting machines, welding equipment, 5-axis CNC water jet machine, Ovens, Saw,…etc.), and have the expert and qualified welders and fabricators, also have approved welding process, and pre/post welding heat treatment procedure (according to the customers requirement or as per standards).
All this allowed us to achieve the best result and allowed us to satisfy our customers and beyond…
• Manufacture of various high pressure piping, choke and kill manifolds, stand pipe manifold used to oil field drilling services.
• Weld and weld repair of Oil field drilling equipment.
• Weld repair of heavy industrial turbine components, fully supported by laboratory services for metallurgical assessment.
• Weld repair of multi-stage pumps and compressor component's.
• Manufacture, repair and Dynamic Balance the GR fans and FD fans, up to 3.5 mts. in diameter.
    a. Cantilever Type.
    b. Single Stage.
    c. Double Stage.
• Manufacture of Stainless Steel piping, manifolds, and pumps mounting for picture projection on water screen.
• And more...
Heat Treatment process will be applied using deferent kind of method, depending on the process and the customer requirements…
• Heat Treatment Oven.
• Heat Treatment by Heat Conduction (Coils).
• Heat Treatment by Flame.
  • Wide Range Of Components.
  • Advanced Performance Features.
  • Robust, reliable, minimum-maintenance design.
  • Complete production of all components.
  • Manufacture of E.O.T cranes from a range of 5 Tons to 50 Tons.
To achieve our client's full satisfaction, our facility and process a reference of the Well-Done work, modern design technologies applied, productive processes specialized in the manufacturing of cranes, as well as using the latest generation of machinery...
Seizing all opportunity to learn and improve our product.
  • The growing demand of our client have made us develop a constant dynamic for improvement.
  • Design and manufacture based on IEC and FEM standards.
  • Performance and Safety.
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified company.
  • Wide range of standardized solutions.
  • Versatility and modular design.
  • Competitiveness.
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