“Turbotim is an ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 & OHSAS 18001:2007 certified company

We deal with many large and respectable clients such as:
• National Oil well Varco.
• Dreco Middle East.
• Baker Hughes Middle East.
• Ministry of Electricity-IRAQ.
• RBV Energy. 
• Dubai Petroleum EST.
• Wood Group Engineering Services.
• Sulzer Brazil.
• And more...
The new main “TURBOTIM” workshop is located in Ras Al Khaimah U.A.E .

This facility is about 12000 Sq mts in size, this has delivered significant operational benefits through the centralization of activities, while also creating a safer and more pleasant working environment for all employers.
This Modern day workshop has the capacity to support the business growth witnessed recently and puts us in a position to expand further over the coming years.
• Gas and Steam Turbine rehabilitation complete to the OEM specifications.
• Manufacture of all types of components used in the oil and gas and power industries.
Turbotim excellence and expertise in the Middle East having expert technicians and specialist provide cost effective repairs manufacturing and testing.
Calibration and dynamic balancing solutions with a wide range of CNC and conventional machining equipments, we are capable to support all repair and manufacturing disciplines in house.
Our workshop contains:
• Power generation Facility.
• CNC machine shop, wide range of CNC Milling, Turning machines with capability of 2-axes, 3-axes, 4-axes and 5-axes machining.
• Conventional Milling, Turning and Boring machines, with small, medium and large capacity.
• Fabrication shop, equipped with stat of the arts facility of welding, cutting, pending, and Water jet machines.
• Dynamic Balance facility, with capacity of 7-ton and 3 mts. of diameter.

The facility allowed us to achieve high quality of products and as a result, Turbotim is authorized from many original manufacturers (OEM) to produce and overhaul there parts…
To satisfy our customer and meet his expectation, Turbotim have research and development facility; we study the chemical and mechanical properties of existing original equipments (OEM parts) we start manufacture or modify them by reverse engineering.
We are focused on client objectives targets results and time scales.
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