White Metal Bearing Manufacture & Repair
Manufacture of various labyrinth seals used in Gas Compressor's, Turbines and Pump. 
  • Labyrinth Seals C/W honey comb.
  • Labyrinth Seals in aluminum or bronze materials.
  • Labyrinth Seals bi-metal C/W steel outer shell and aluminum inner seal.

A team of dedicated technicians overall and manufacture vertical bearing units with combined thrust and journal bearing assembles. 
Both air and water cooled units are repaired and manufactured, each unit to be overhauled is stripped down and every part inspected with a comprehensive report sent to our customers, if replacement parts are required TURBOTIM will manufacture in house any part of the assembly, skilled fitters then rebuild the units to precise clearance specification and provide the assembly back to our customers ready for operation. 
For new installations or upgrades, Turbotim can manufacture complete new assemblies, just contact us to discuss your requirements.

Any type of thrust bearings can be manufactured, TURBOTIM manufactures and repairs the following types of thrust bearings: 
  • Fixed (continuous) geometry thrust plate combined thrust and journal bearings.
  • Tilting thrust pad assembles (flooded and directed lubrication) Equalizing segment.
  • Tilting thrust pad assemblies.
  • Hydro turbine thrust pads.

Any type of journal bearing can be manufactured, utilizing our centrifugal casting process, TURBOTIM has the expertise and experience to manufacture and repair the following types of journal bearings:
  • Cylindrical bore.
  • Offset bore profile.
  • Lemon bore profile.
  • Tri-lobed bore profile.
  • High precision tilting journal pad assemblies for turbo-machinery.
  • Guide bearing journal pads for hydro-turbines.
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